Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tornado in auckland!

Wow, its been a while since Auckland got hit with anything close to a natural disaster. So of course facebook is going crazy with idiots saying "its 2012", its actually still 2011, and this has happened before. The suburb it hit is just a lot more built up now. apparently two people died, not too sure how. The news had an interview with a couple of clowns who were working in the mall it hit, and they really make a big deal of themselves giving some kids some balloons. nice work cornflake the clown. There was a quick shot of the kids getting a balloon and one was crying. Imagine if you already were scared of clowns, just got hit by a tornado and then some clown comes up and gives you a balloon.

Heres a couple of home taken videos :

pretty exciting stuff. Once again twitter was the best source for immediate news.