Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cameron Pools

Tonight went down to my local pool. This is the pool where I more or less learnt to swim to the level I am today, the pool where I first snuck into a sauna and thought "why would anyone ever do this to themself?" So tonight I decided it was time to cruise on down in my 1990 Mazda Astina 323 (Red) and see how the old centre held up.

On entry I was pleasantly suprised to find a very good student price - $4.50 including sauna, steam and spa! This is 50 cents cheaper then Bellevue road pools ( See "Rules of The Sauna") , and a whopping 2 dollars less then Olympic Pools in NewMarket (See "Not Posted Yet") , which charge 6.50 student. So after ten visits you'd get four free visits ! Of course, Olympic pools has a certain opulence and sense of history to it, but in these tough economic times, free visits are free visits.

Back to Cameron Pools. The changing rooms were a step up from Bellevue Road's cattle cleaning rooms, with nice rimu seats and rubber mats on the floor - not sure if I'm sold on these yet as seems like they could trap bugs between the cracks.

Upon entering the pool, I found myself in the unenviable position of being between the aqua joggers on my left and an adult swimming class on my right. I found out the adult swimming class also had a few down syndromes as I was swimming my first lap, looking down and saw a grinning face staring up at me from the bottom of the pool. This was nearly enough to put me off my stroke, but luckily I recovered , gave him/her a grin and continued on.

After a few laps, I went to the sauna. Impressive. No one else in there, a much larger space then Bellevue Road, a self - regulating sauna (eliminating splash-and-dash) , and a lot of bench space.
Unfortunately , after a couple of reheats, the sauna filled up and I experienced another sauna trauma - spitting onto the sauna rocks. Up there with farting in the sauna and pissing on the sauna, this act filled the room with an unsavoury scent and also looked disgusting as it sizzled away. Before france got rid of the burqas, I hope they banned this custom .

Overall , a good sauna / swim experience. The complex also has a spa, but spa's are for the weak , or the community minded . Walking past the door of "Nan's Pool" bought back memories of struggling to hold onto the side of the pool wall as I valiantly kicked away , bringing tears of joy to my eyes as I watched the aqua joggers slowly canter through the chlorine-filled, aqua blue sardine tin.


  1. good for you man, swimming is great exercise! keep it up

  2. I love to swim just wish it wasn't so freakin cold when you jump in

  3. Ohooooo swimming, the best sport